Feestkleding 365

Feestkleding 365 is one of the (if not THE) biggest online party stores in the Netherlands. It is being run by an enthusiastic team who are crazy about dressing up and partying themselves, all year round.

The team of Feestkleding 365 were fed up being unable to find a cool costume for any given party at all. They could never succeed in the messy 50 year old party store around the corner and the website with a cool assortment is one or two seas away (probably in the US or UK …) with ditto prices, delivery times and hassles. For Europe, This is different: Feestkleding 365!


One of the things they ran into, as many Magento webshops do, is performance. Mainly at peak moments, when it counts most, the shop was “performing” a bit slow. The peak in the Netherlands is at the beginning of the carnival season, where the numbers are way up. Meaning about 4 times as much sales an hour compared to the rest of the year on an average day. To be able to hold up to this amount of traffic, caching is key.


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