About us

0x43 is a company located in Maastricht, The Netherlands and was founded in 2014 by Patrick van der Leer and Mycha de Vrees.

We provide (technical) solutions and help you guide through the entire process of setting up a successful e-commerce shop through the use of the Magento platform.

Why us?

Simple, we are programmers, NOT sales managers.

Any company can claim they’re the best with huge success stories and a lot of bragging about how good they are. We don’t.¬†We worked at firms like these and (try to) do it our way. Sure we keep a portfolio, but with the intent to let you get a feeling of what we do and why we do it. Our portfolio isn’t built to convince you to pick us, our approach and methods are. Of course we are businessmen but we don’t act like the typical ones, we’re programmers first and businessmen second. What this means is quite simple: while a sales manager gets his rush out of a huge sale, we do it for the technique.

Openness and standards

We are open about what and how we do things. We don’t come up with solutions that reinvent the wheel so you can be billed for all those nights at the campfire trying to figure out how round it must be. We try to use open source software as much as possible and (of course) contributing back to the open source community. Now I can write a huge story about how and why this is good not only for you but also for others but instead, simply watch the youtube video explaining it with Lego. I mean come on, who doesn’t like Lego!

Freedom to move

We realise that the feeling of being stuck to someone or something isn’t the best one in the world there for openness and standards. In other words, this means that you’re free to move to other developers/companies if you feel like it. By using industrial standards any company should be able to work with the products/code we produce and continue to work on your project.