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Magento 1.x on PHP 7.x – JSON and performance

Continuing on the work of the Inchoo Company found here I decided to dive into the JSON errors of PHP 7 and up which this extension doesn’t address. As of PHP 7 errors are thrown where warning occurred in PHP 5.6 and below. Since a lot of extensions contain “faulty” formated json strings a lot […]

Pimp my terminal

We work more and more in different environments on even more servers than I can keep track of, so I started looking into pimping my terminal. I came across a bunch of projects but the one that really stood out me was Powerline. Combining powerline with a bunch of scripts for Nano makes it a lot […]

Our first 3D printer – Da Vinci Jr.

After seeing the XYZ Da Vinci Jr. costing 400 euro we couldn’t resist, we bought it right away and boy did we know it… We started with some basic simple models and it didn’t matter what the thing printed or in what quality, we were amazed! Like everyone we loved printing everything we could think […]

Raspberry Pi – switching 5V

So last weekend I was playing around with a new relay board, hooked up to the Raspberry Pi, this time I used a board that came with optocouplers build in to prevent engergy buildup in the coils of the relays. Normally you would add a bunch of extra resistors between ground and the data pin […]

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